Artist Spotlight: Erin Speights

Meet Erin Speights

Erin Speights is a fine artist based out of her home studio in Brusly, Louisiana. Her work consists of mixed media and watercolor acrylics on paper. You can also find a few of her previous works consisting of textured acrylics and gold leaf. Erin’s interest in art began in college while pursuing my degree in Business. During this time, she completed a few art courses which ended up being her favorite. Little did she know, these basic art skills would help her become a full-time artist later on in life. Interior design, nature, colors and texture have always been an inspiration in her work. On my time off from the studio, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with her husband, her 4 beautiful children & 4 fur babies.

Interview with Erin

Can you describe one the key moments in your artistic journey? Did you always know you’d be an artist?

During my college days, I completed a few basic art courses which so happened to be my favorite course, but I never pursued an art degree. Actually, I received an associates degree in business. A few years ago, my daughters asked for a painting to hang in their rooms. Since I had a little background in art, I decided to attempt at painting them myself. To my surprise, they loved them! From this moment on, I was addicted to creating art!


What sparks your creativity and inspires your artwork?

Sunsets are the main source of my inspiration. Ever since I was a child, my father loved sunsets. Summer memories with him were always spent on his boat, swimming, spending time with his friends and enjoying the evening sunsets over the water. I guess this is where I inherited my love for sunsets. My father passed away in 2014 from cancer. Watching a sunset now brings back so many amazing childhood memories with him that I will cherish forever.

Music is also a great inspiration. A day in the studio with nothing but a blank canvas in front of me and a good inspirational song, creates some of the best work I am most proud of.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Soothing, light and airy, modern.

What place does art have in your life? What importance?

Before I made a jump to start creating art for a living, I always felt like something was missing in my career. I never felt satisfied at the end of a long hard day at an office, working for someone. With my art business, the responsibility is all up to me. If I input hard work, the most rewarding part is the output, which motivates me to keep me going. If I don’t put in the work to make my business grow, it won’t and that is a huge responsibility I take great pride in. To see the progress from when I started on this journey until now, is so inspiring. And to think of the growth in one year, to another, and so on, is the most rewarding gift being an artist. To witness a clients smile when they first lay eyes on a painting they purchased, then hang it on the walls of their home to enjoy for many years to come makes my heart happy. This is a feeling that will never get old.

What does Art and Found Day mean to you or why are your participating?

When I first read the story of how Courtney founded Art and Found Day, it brought tears to my eyes. At this time, I was just starting full swing of my art journey. I had just found my style, enrolled in The Studio Source courses where I was gaining the background of being an artist, then stumbled upon Art and Found. As someone who also had also lost their father, it completely moved me. My dad was always such a huge supporter of everything I did, and to know he is looking down watching me do this thing I absolutely love, I know how proud he is of me. Her story has truly touched me and this is why I am participating for my second year. And…it is SO MUCH FUN! I definitely suggest sitting back to watch who grabs your art! Seeing the excitement of the lucky finder is such a heart warming feeling! My birthday is also March 13th and what better way to celebrate my birthday!