Artist Spotlight: Flavia Nasrin Testa

Flavia Testa

Artist Spotlight: Flavia Nasrin Testa Website Instagram Meet Flavia Nasrin Testa Are the answers or questions we ask ourselves in life more important?After meeting Flavia Testa, the answer is … that the answer doesn’t count too much! And this character, first with his essence and strength, then through his artistic expression, is the proof, because […]

Artist Spotlight: Erin Speights

Erin Speights

Artist Spotlight: Erin Speights Website Facebook Instagram Meet Erin Speights Erin Speights is a fine artist based out of her home studio in Brusly, Louisiana. Her work consists of mixed media and watercolor acrylics on paper. You can also find a few of her previous works consisting of textured acrylics and gold leaf. Erin’s interest […]

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Ray Koenig

Lisa Ray Koenig

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Ray Koenig (Groovy Cats Art) Website Facebook Instagram Meet Lisa Ray Koenig Former Radio Broadcaster and Freelance Columnist, my career has taken many paths… With time on my hands, I found myself tossing paint onto canvas in March 2020. Experimenting with many varied styles of painting I am still finding my groove. […]

How to Protect Your Online Presence

How to Protect Your Online Presence

How to Protect Your Online Presence: 10 Tips for Artists Written by: Courtney Senior In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are indispensable tools for artists to showcase their work, connect with their audience, and build their creative brand. However, with the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, artists need to prioritize […]

10 Reasons Why Your Art is Not Selling​

10 Reasons Why Your Art is Not Selling

10 Reasons Why Your Art is Not Selling Written by: Courtney Senior If you’ve spent hours putting your blood, sweat and tears into a new body of work just to see your art collect dust on the studio floor, you’re most likely and with good reason, feeling pretty frustrated. You thought you created masterpieces and […]

Artist Spotlight: Fiona Debell

Fiona Debell

Artist Spotlight: Fiona Debell Website Facebook Instagram Meet Fiona Debell Self taught abstract artist Fiona Debell is recognised for her emotionally rich and compositionally thoughtful work. Her artistic calling was ignited when at just 18 years old she experienced a physical reaction and immediate connection to the work of Mark Rothko at the Tate Modern. […]

5 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Slump


How to Get Out of a Creative Slump Written by: Courtney Senior We’ve all been there. Those days, weeks or months where you just can’t seem to bring your creative vision to reality. Maybe you’re uninspired and unmotivated, maybe you just can’t get into that flow state or maybe you’re just purely and utterly frustrated […]