Flavia Testa

Artist Spotlight: Flavia Nasrin Testa

Meet Flavia Nasrin Testa

Are the answers or questions we ask ourselves in life more important?
After meeting Flavia Testa, the answer is … that the answer doesn’t count too much! And this character, first with his essence and strength, then through his artistic expression, is the proof, because his life is so full of questions without certain answers and in any case so rich and meaningful.
She was found as a newborn in Tehran, in the 1970s.
The adoptive father, an architect, is a member of the Testa family, the founders of the largest Italian communication group in the world, which in those years was in Iran with the United Nations to build schools.
Extremist of honesty and champion of communication, she has made her art her mirror: complex, emotional, raw, at times light and at other times touching and moving.
Always, however, provocative and without limits.

Interview with Flavia

Can you describe one the key moments in your artistic journey? Did you always know you’d be an artist?

In Mexico, 1976, sitting at a little desk with paper and pencils feeling absolutely content drawing and knowing somewhere deep inside I wanted this.  

What sparks your creativity and inspires your artwork?

Nothing and everything. Art work is not just about technique and precision you are deeply immersed in an interior personal world that then becomes fueled by exterior experiences and elements. From a phrase, to an image, or a song or a poem…It’s a beautiful infusion.

How would you describe your artistic style?

 Powerful and raw, expressive art.

What place does art have in your life? What importance?

 My life is a work of art and I cannot make a distinction between art & life. 

What does Art and Found Day mean to you or why are your participating?

I love not being attached to work and allowing genuine generosity and kindness in art giving be a lead. Particularly when it’s part of a global movement, it’s a nice contrast to what you see in the world today.